Technology Updates

Technology Updates

Prior to the main event, you can take part in breakout sessions in which you are brought up to speed on some of the trends in the industry. Our global technology leaders discuss what is happening and answer any questions you might have on the topics. You can choose between the following topics: 

CyberSecurity -  One of the hottest areas in IT today. We’ll discuss what is going on in the world of cyber security, what are other companies doing and what new risks or mitigations are coming up today. 

DevOps and the future of Testing - The process of technology creation is changing, from separated silos to integrated agile devops processes. What is changing, what’s the impact for the organization and how do companies approach quality assurance in this new world. 

Going Digital - Transformational times ask for transformational strategies. What does it mean to do a digital transformation? Who are doing this and where is this going? Let’s discuss examples of challenges and solutions to true transformation and what this means for a company’s IT. 

Big Data - Past the hype, 'Big Data' is now becoming part of the repertoire of many businesses. What is the state of the art? What about Data Lakes? Data is  at the center of IT today perhaps more than ever before. What are implications and strategies?