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Executive Summit 2018 - Travel Details & Track Registration

Please provide us with your logistics information and if you join us early on October 8th you can attend two State-of-the-Art sessions.

State-of-the-Art Sessions on October 8th 

  • 10:30-11:10 am – State-of-the-Art sessions
  • 11:20-12:00 am – State-of-the-Art sessions

All sessions will be hosted twice and you can join up to two of the sessions.

Is RPA delivering on its Benefits promise?
Since 2010 when initial rumblings about the RPA hit the industry, and in 2014 when the widespread awareness of RPA happened, RPA has been branded as the "Next Big Thing" in the market. Its first target was BPO and outsourcing industry that relies on humans to get something done. The initial promise was huge, There are multiple research reports and industry forecasts that quote billions of dollars as the RPA market. RPA has the potential. Looking closely at the range of RPA benefits reveals why it’s seen by so many as a leap forward from the current labor arbitrage model and an enabler of true innovation.

What’s next in cybersecurity? Next gen SOC to monitor to the max

Security data analytics, artificial intelligence, orchestration are taking the Security Operations Centers to a brand new age. They also need to adapt to huge transformation of your IT to support your business : Massive migration to the cloud, datacenter rationalization, virtual networks and SDWAN, DevOps, industrial systems and factories, millions of connected objects… The technological landscape is moving fast. On the other hand, new laws and regulations (GDPR, NIS directive, cloud act, vertical regulations…) are changing the compliance game. Let’s discuss all these challenges together!

Thinkubator, true business value acceleration
Customer behavior is transforming rapidly. As customers have new ways of interacting with companies, their expectations, needs and desires change too. They are constantly being exposed to, and influenced by, best-in-class digital engagement models and services from all industries. These are setting new standards and continually raising levels of expectations. The result is a significant shift in how customers think, feel and behave towards the brands, products and services they choose to have a relationship with. Structured applied innovation with new technologies is crucial to stay ahead of competition and on the edge of market change. Our proven Sogeti Thinkubator approach will help you create business value fast with hot technologies like, AI, Chatbots, IoT and Blockchain, please join us to understand how we create your working business prototype in only 6 weeks.

Cognitive QA, how to test AI?
Quality validation, end-to-end customer experience validation and testing of applications across a myriad of devices and platforms makes for a complex challenge for most organizations today. Expert experience alone is not sufficient to be prepared. Additional sources of intelligence need to be leveraged. Innovations in analytics, artificial intelligence, and data sciences allow organizations to spot areas of inefficiencies and remove them before they impact and provide insight on business processes and approaches that can be improved that were not visible before. Predicting the unpredictable is one of the key principles that the Sogeti Cognitive QA approach has been designed around. We want to challenge the established approach that allows for finding the unexpected and removing the irrational.

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