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Success in today’s business world relies on IT systems that can reduce process inefficiencies and increase flexibility. Sogeti through its partnership with Micro Focus provides Testing & Quality Assurance, Cloud, Security and Big Data solutions that help you get the maximum business benefit from your IT systems. In short, Sogeti and Micro Focus combine their complementary capabilities to deliver better benefits - and greater profits - for your business.

Micro Focus logoA winning collaboration

Our strong partnership with Micro Focus provides valuable resources and knowledge. We publish together the World Quality Report, an annual in-depth global survey to keep our clients up to date on the latest emerging trends in application lifecycle management and quality assurance. We also regularly publish joint point of views on Cloud, Security and Big Data.

Adopt innovative software solutions

Together, Sogeti, Capgemini and Micro Focus provide you with cost-effective and business-driven quality assurance and testing services. Our managed Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) solution combines the joint testing expertise of Capgemini and Sogeti, supplemented by Micro Focus' ALM technology and helps companies standardize and optimize application quality and do more with existing QA resources.

Our approach to software quality assurance is underpinned by the best-in-class TMap® Accelerator for Quality Center. This specially developed plug-in tool combines Capgemini and Sogeti’s TMap NEXT® structured test methodology with the market-leading quality management platform, Micro Focus Quality Center. Our 17,200 dedicated application testing professionals help create high quality solutions.

Secure the applications

In today’s fast-paced world there is an increasing focus on enhancing the user experience through the rapid release of new applications. This demand for speed leaves many organizations feeling there is not enough time to spend on security, which increases the risk to their critical business applications. Powered by Micro Focus Fortify, which is acknowledged by Gartner as a product leader in Application Security Testing, our offering gives our clients the confidence to securely adopt SMACT technologies.

OneShare and Micro Focus

Sogeti, Microsoft and Micro Focus have jointly developed OneShare to provide you with a premier set of Micro Focus Application Lifecycle tooling on Microsoft Cloud platforms, all accessible through a single portal. This will help you start working immediately on your test and dev campaigns, and lower your costs thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Cloud.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the application of technology that automates administrative task workflows and processes using software bots. The result can reduce workload for employees and provide huge savings for business operations. The combination of Micro Focus UFT and Micro Focus Operations Orchestration is a powerful RPA tool without investing in additional tools. Sogeti has thousands of consultants ready to start implementing this solution. Our delivery approach addresses everything from adoption through long-term support and maintenance.

2018 Micro Focus Award

Micro Focus award

Early this year, at the Micro Focus Universe 2018 event, Capgemini and Sogeti won the ‘Micro Focus Global Partner of the Year’. We received the award in recognition for our solutions around Digital Transformation especially in Financial Services, Test Automation, Cloud, User Behaviour Analytics, Security and GDPR. The award was received by Mark Buenen, Sogeti Global Leader for Digital Assurance and Testing.

  • Antoine Aymer
    Antoine Aymer
    CTO for Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti
  • Kranti Gaikwad
    Kranti Gaikwad
    Senior Global Marketing Manager