It’s not only our clients that trust Sogeti to get the most from Microsoft. After 25 years of close collaboration at every level, Microsoft itself regularly ask us to show what’s possible with their products.

That’s thanks to the unmatched depth and breadth of our Microsoft engineering expertise, proven by our Microsoft ‘Gold’ Partnership and 16 Microsoft Advanced Specializations.

Our technology teams are 100% certified in Microsoft systems.

We’re ready to answer any brief using the full range of Microsoft cloud, workplace, customer experience and data solutions – from full-scale, multi-national digital transformation projects to troubleshooting specialist systems.

We’re often among the first to test new Microsoft products and services.

Our technology teams meet with Microsoft on a weekly basis to collaborate on client projects, share insights and discuss future innovations. Microsoft trust us to help realize their vision to help teams to drive value from data, innovate effectively and work smarter. What will you achieve with us?

How We’re Different

Sogeti is a recognized Microsoft Alliance Partner affiliated with the Microsoft Partner Network. Our strong alliance relationship with Microsoft allows us unique insight and access to specialized Microsoft resources including key IP from Microsoft Consulting Services.


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