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Easy and quick supply of new jobs for Caja de Ingenieros

Sogeti upgrades client's platform with new Microsoft tools.


Caja de Ingenieros wanted to upgrade their obsolescent client platform, physical and virtual, since it was a critical operating environment in the financial sector. Additionally, during the development of the upgrade, usual workflows could not be stopped and the interruptions had to be minimized.


To achieve this objective, Sogeti suggested use of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT2010), Windows Deployment Services (WDS), KMS Services and Automated Installation Kit for Windows (AIK) .


The new application upgrade enabled easy and quick supply of new jobs as well as uniform management of the client platform. It enabled agility in daily work of the Production Department. Sogeti will also be providing help in resolving incidents of the client platform along with simple management of the associated licensing.

About Caja de Ingenieros

Caja de Ingenieros is a co-operative savings and credit group that has more than 120,000 members working on a model of personal, business and institutional banking to provide personalized services to their members.