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Empowering Mobility

Sogeti customers achieve fast, flexible mobile working with Intel® technology

Sogeti is a leading provider of technology and software testing, specializing in Application, Infrastructure and Engineering Services. It offers cutting-edge solutions around Testing, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile, Cloud and Cyber Security, combining world-class methodologies and its global delivery model, Rightshore®. Sogeti brings together more than 20,000 professionals in 15 countries and has a strong local presence in over 100 locations in Europe, USA and India.

The Situation

With the rise of mobile devices, cloud computing, social networks and a host of other technological innovations, working practices are changing fast. This is true for almost any kind of environment, from shop floor to factory to office. Employees now expect to be able to use a variety of devices and appli-cations in order to stay connected and get their work done wherever they are, and to get it done faster. At the same time, customers demand improved levels of choice, responsiveness and service which traditional approaches cannot always deliver. In order to stay ahead, organizations of all industries are challenged with thinking differently and acting bravely, often adopting technologies and business processes that are entirely new to them.

Sogeti wanted to help its customers take this step safely and effectively. “We have the advantage of having a front-row view of new and emerging technologies, and how they can be incorporated into a variety of business environments,” explains Darren Baker, global business development director, Sogeti. “Through our services, we can help them apply these innovations to speed up their business and better serve their customers.” One of Sogeti’s primary focuses is on helping its customers to take advantage of the Microsoft Windows* 8 operating system to deliver advanced applications.

The Energy Company

One of the customers that has benefited from using Sogeti’s Windows 8-focused services is an energy provider based in a city in the south of the United States. It employs just over 4,000 people. A large proportion of its employee
base is comprised of engineers who spend their day travelling to customer sites to check meters, install new equipment or make repairs. It’s important that they keep a careful record of where they have been, what work they carried out, what parts they used and who they interacted with at the customer site. However, having to take notes at each site and then remember to copy them into the organization’s works database when next at a PC was time-consuming for the engineers, not to mention unreliable and open to error that could impact the business’s operations.

The energy provider therefore asked Sogeti to develop an application to run on engineers’ mobile devices that would enable them to make their updates directly into the database, even when out in the field. The application runs on ruggedized devices powered by Intel® Core™ i5 processors, which can be used in harsh outdoor conditions and can be attached to an engineer’s equipment belt. It enables an engineer to check all work orders scheduled for the day and, using GPS, to work out the most efficient order in which to travel to them. When a job is completed, the engineer can add a note to the database outlining the work done and the result achieved. If necessary, they can use the device to take a photo-graph of the site and annotate it to add clarity to the text description notes.

Through their own internal tests the organization estimates that the application has saved about six weeks’ worth of working time across the year, helping its employees to make much more efficient use of their time and focus on their core roles. It plans to roll the application and mobile devices out to hundreds of staff members, having found that on average, engineers are now able to fix power outages 30 minutes faster than before.

The Specialized Retailer

Elsewhere, a retailer that operates primarily in airports wanted to update and improve its customers’ point-of-sale experience. The airport environment presents unique challenges for shoppers and retailers alike, in that it is often not possible to take large or liquid purchases with you on a flight. Travellers in a hurry to get to their gate will not be willing to queue up to make a purchase for something that security restrictions prevent them from buying and carrying on board.

Sogeti therefore worked with this retailer to build an application for use by sales assistants in its airport stores. Equipped with an HPE Elite-Pad* 900 with retail jacket, which is powered by Intel® processors, a salesperson can move around the store to help customers with their purchases. A customer wanting to buy an item that they cannot take onto the plane with them can show it to the sales associate, who uses the application and device to scan the customer’s boarding pass and to collect their credit card details. The customer takes their receipt and leaves the store, without having to queue. Their purchase is wrapped in a sealed packet and sent straight to the plane for the customer to pick up as they board.

As well as enabling a much faster purchase process for the customer, the retailer reports that the solution has delivered strong security as well. The HPE devices that Sogeti sourced for the salespeople to use include credit card reader sleeves that enable the retailer to process and retain all the necessary card information without having to send it through a third party. It has ordered 1,500 devices to be rolled out across its stores.

Next Steps

The range of Windows 8 projects that Sogeti has undertaken with its customers so far reflects the varied business needs that are driving organizations worldwide to adopt mobile computing. “The Windows 8 and Intel ecosystem is vast, including many different device types and form factors. The security and remote manageability capabilities that come with features like the Intel® vPro™ platform can further help improve efficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for organizations managing large fleets of devices.” concludes Baker. “Using these technologies, we are able to develop tailored solutions for each of our clients and ensure they can fully address their business needs. We intend to continue working with our clients to create happy employees and happy customers through our services and solutions.


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