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Consumers save energy and money thanks to new app that helps to choose the right bulb

Sogeti develops the Lampguiden mobile app for Energimyndigheten.


Incandescent light bulbs consume excessive amounts of energy and therefore the EU decided to phase out these light bulbs by 1st September 2012. In Sweden, the phasing aimed to save 10 percent of household electricity used in homes. However to achieve this, one needed to find a right replacement of bulbs and the average consumer was facing a lot of trouble doing so. There was a great need for education and information.


Sogeti with Granath Euro RSCG developed an app called Lampguiden (for iOS) that helps the user to find the right type of lamp. It gives information on how to save money and the environment by replacing their light bulbs with more energy efficient alternatives.


Lampguiden is a stylish and easy to use app, which helps the user to choose the right bulb through a step-by-step wizard.


  • Martin Eriksson
    Martin Eriksson
    Branch manager at Sogeti
    +46 8 5368 2086
About Energimyndigheten

Swedish Energy Agency, is a Swedish government agency, which comes under the Ministry of Industry. The Agency has the responsibility to set Sweden's energy to become economically and environmentally sustainable and at the same time ensuring a secure energy supply. The Swedish Energy Agency works for the use of renewable energy, improved technologies, a smarter end-use of energy, and mitigation of climate change.