Kverneland and Sogeti harness technology for sustainable farming

Cloud data platform, the basis for smart fertilization, insights and control.


Kverneland Group
Client: Kverneland Group
Region: The Netherlands
Industry: Agriculture
Offer: Cloud

Driving agricultural advancement

Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural implements, electronic solutions and digital services. Kverneland Group’s factories are located in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia and China.

Farming is evolving from traditional methods to more precise, large-scale operations, that are taking advantage of advanced digital tools. Kverneland Group understands this shift and equips agricultural vehicles with digital innovations that enable farmers to harness this technology, saving time while improving efficiency.

The IsoMatch FarmCentre platform is a valuable innovation that offers farmers a complete view of their operations, enabling them to maximize the efficiency of their machinery. With the online platform and user application, farmers can monitor their machines' activities in real-time, ensuring optimal deployment.

IsoMatch FarmCentre empowers farmers to work more productively, sustainably, and efficiently, providing them with the tools they need to navigate the evolving agricultural landscape successfully.

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Scalable back-end, user-friendly front-end

IsoMatch FarmCentre is gaining popularity, leading to its wider adoption among farms globally. But with this growth, Kverneland needed to ensure that the IT infrastructure could handle the increase in the number of users and data. Kverneland aimed to create a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Azure for the IsoMatch FarmCentre platform. Additionally, they focused on making the web application more user-friendly for farmers.

To achieve these aims, Kverneland was looking for an IT partner to upgrade both the back-end (IT infrastructure) and front-end (web and mobile application) of IsoMatch FarmCentre. A partner who is an expert in cloud computing and user experience (UX) design, alongside a strong background in technological innovation, similar to Kverneland. Additionally, the partner had to share the same mindset, valuing the significance of innovation in business, and prioritizing it when developing IT solutions.

“Sogeti is our ideal partner because they complement us in the areas of cloud computing and user experience design. Moreover, our corporate cultures match: just like Kverneland, Sogeti attaches great value to digital innovation.”
Karl Engelbrecht – Director Digital Customer Solutions, Kverneland AS

Real time information, better decision making

Kverneland discovered the perfect partner in Sogeti. A forward-thinking IT service provider with expertise in UX design, cloud computing, and data management. Sogeti delivered a scalable Microsoft Azure cloud data platform, ensuring data security and management. They also developed a visually appealing and user-friendly web and mobile application for Kverneland.

With centralized data storage in the cloud, users have constant access to comprehensive real-time information. This data is securely stored, allowing for easy retrieval and analysis of historical data. Such insights enable farmers to make informed predictions and decisions. Kverneland leverages this data to enhance its products, ensuring that farmers always benefit from innovative tools, user-friendly design, and exceptional performance in the future.

We believe it is important to contribute to sustainability with our IT solutions, and we are delighted to contribute to this. Our passion for technology and sustainability came together nicely in this project. We are proud that with our long-term partnership with Kverneland, we can help the entire agricultural sector move forward towards a more sustainable, efficient, and, above all, future-oriented way of working.”
Arjan Meijer – Head of Division Data & Integration Services, Sogeti

More yield, less fertilizer

Farmers can now effortlessly navigate the user-friendly web and mobile applications, allowing them to access valuable insights from their data. Within the application's dashboard, they can filter and customize various visualizations, such as yield diagrams for specific field areas and detailed maps for pesticide and fertilizer applications. Moreover, farmers can automate the process of uploading this information to vehicle terminals, analyze it, and easily share it with clients and authorities in a PDF format. This automation significantly reduces administrative burdens for farmers.

The enhanced IsoMatch FarmCentre boosts user productivity while optimizing fertilization practices. Multiple farms utilizing IsoMatch FarmCentre alongside Kverneland's other products, like the IsoMatch terminal and Geocontrol, have achieved impressive results, including a 10-15% increase in crop yield and a corresponding reduction of 10-15% in fertilizer application. Additionally, the upgraded IsoMatch FarmCentre architecture provides Kverneland with a strong foundation to further enhance digital connectivity in areas such as data-driven operations, precision farming, customer support, data integration, and digital services.


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Cloud Services

Are you looking to enhance your organization’s data-driven capabilities by adopting a cloud platform?

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