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High Quality Applications and Customer Relations through a Modern Testing Strategy

Sogeti provided MAIF with optimized global testing services with help of industrialization and mutualization.


MAIF, one of the largest French insurance groups, was looking at centralizing processes, ensuring quality of mass-produced applications, and identifying opportunities for outsourcing to service centres, and optimising costs—a measure to ensure they remain competitive within the industry

With more than 3 million members and an increase of more than 60,000 insured members in 2015, MAIF was seeking to continue its digital transformation in 2016 and to maintain its leading position in customer relations within the sector, which was based on meeting members' expectations and anticipating their needs. 


Sogeti helped to set up a test centre for MAIF to help enable synergies between their project development and contractor teams. MAIF's testing activities focused on the quality of the software production chain. The test centre, set up by MAIF in 2015, handled different testing activities including systems testing, functional processes, integration, performance, test tools. The solution that Sogeti provided pooled resources and mass-produced the tests so that MAIF professionals were able to refocus on their core business activities.

Sogeti used HPE UTF 12.5 for automation. HPE’s Unified Functional Testing (UTF) was the right tool for the solution as it made automated testing more efficient and helped improve collaboration between testers and developers. It was observed that 80% of the non-regression functional testing repository was automated using HPE UFT 12.5 running on different environments both on demand and scheduled.


The improved testing of applications for its members helped MAIF to achieve its aim of retaining its leading status in insurance customer relations and responding to new offers. This solution has helped MAIF with their plan for 2018, increasing the satisfaction of its members and boosting their digital strategy.

Executives at MAIF were happy to share their experiences with Sogeti:

'The insurance profession is being rapidly transformed by digital technology, the sharing economy and new offers being launched more and more frequently. In accordance with MAIF transformation plan, Sogeti is supporting us by both advising us on testing and conducting the tests. Their approach is based on indicators and undertakings with continuous improvement of results. Test automation is assessed on a case-by-case basis according to return on investment, whatever the test level.” − Michaël Bergeot, Head of Solutions Testing and Compliance, MAIF

“Sogeti is helping us to professionalize our tests to improve the quality of our applications. Outsourcing of some of our tests allows our experts to focus on their core business. We appreciate the daily quality and forward-looking of Sogeti consulting, including the impact of digital in our testing activities.” − Alain Brissonnet, MOA Division, MAIF

  • Renaud Delsol
    Renaud Delsol
    Practice Manager Testing Services, Sogeti France
  • Robert LeRoy
    Robert LeRoy
    Global Micro Focus Alliance VP
    +1 513 884 3612
  • Abhishek Chikhalkar
    Abhishek Chikhalkar
    Sogeti Alliances Knowledge Manager

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About MAIF

Being the fourth-largest automobile insurer and the largest insurer in the voluntary sector in France, MAIF covers all the needs of its 3 million members (insurance of property, provident, health, assistance, savings, credit...). It ranks among the top French companies for member’s relationship in all sectors. In 2015, the MAIF group achieved a turnover of 3,365 billion Euros.