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Rabobank takes the next step on its digital transformation journey by implementing Microsoft Power Platform, delivered by Sogeti.


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Customer: Rabobank

Industry: Banking and financial services

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands


The Client

As a cooperative bank, Rabobank had a clear mission: to achieve more together than it did on its own. This objective also applied to the bank’s ongoing digital transformation.

By providing employees with the right digital tools, they could boost their joint business value to deliver at the speed and agility demanded by the current financial markets.


Rabobank aimed to become more agile. The bank wanted to be able to respond more quickly to changes in the market, to customer needs and to regulations. This required a digital transformation. By digitizing and making smarter use of modern IT capabilities, Rabobank could respond to business challenges faster. Democratizing IT played an important role in this. To this end, Rabobank wanted to enable its employees to automate processes themselves, develop insightful dashboards and devise and develop smart low-code apps.

Enabling the business with IT also has a downside. When employees develop applications themselves, it is difficult to keep control of aspects such as security and compliance. This raised an important question: how to keep a grip on IT without compromising the speed of response to business changes with low-code solutions?


Rabobank’s solution was built on Microsoft Power Platform. The bank worked with technology and engineering services partner Sogeti to carefully implement a low-code strategy using Power Platform, where speed and control go hand in hand. This served as a single company-wide data and app development platform and was the foundation for further digitization.

Power Platform enabled employees to develop low-code applications themselves – quickly and in line with their specific business needs. For example, account managers used the platform to access customer data on the go in the linked CRM system, HR used it to streamline reorganization processes, and developers used it to build complex, corporate applications.


Download the Rabobank case study PDF below to read the full story.


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