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Satisfied Customers 2: Airport Retail Shop

Ready for take-off faster and easier through mobile solutions for customers and employees at airport retail shops.


A specialty retailer that operates in airports wanted to update and improve its customers’ point-of-sale (POS) experience. The airport environment presents unique challenges for shoppers and retailers alike; travelers are often in a hurry to get to their gate and so are less willing to take the time to queue up and make a purchase.


Sogeti worked closely with this retailer to build an application for use by sales assistants in its airport stores. Equipped with an HP Elite-Pad* 900 with retail jacket, which is powered by Intel processors and based on the Windows 8 operating system, a salesperson can now move around the store to help customers with their purchases. A customer wanting to make a purchase can show it to the sales associate, who uses the application and device to scan the customer’s boarding pass and to collect their credit card details. The customer takes their purchase and their receipt, and leaves the store – without having to queue. If they want to continue to shop elsewhere in the airport, their purchase can even be sent straight to their departure gate to be picked up as they board.


In addition to enabling a much faster purchase process for the customer, the retailer reports that the solution has provided strong security to its system as well. The HP devices sourced by Sogeti include credit card reader sleeves that enable the retailer to process and retain all the necessary card information without having to send it through a third party. It has ordered an additional 1,500 devices to be rolled out across all its stores.

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