The Last Outsourcing Frontier: Software Testing?

Realizing significant cost savings and business process improvements through a  structured approach to outsourced testing. Performance driven. Quality assured.

A Changing Sourcing Landscape Provides Opportunities

Over the last decade, the way organizations buy and consume technology has changed almost beyond recognition. Whereas IT departments once bought computer systems that would deliver reliable services, today’s IT leadersfocus on creating flexible, cost-effective architectures that can deliver business value, and adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Senior IT executives are increasingly expected to deliver cutting-edge, reliable applications while remaining cost-effective. This has led to many organizations handing over responsibility for non-core IT functions, relying on strategic outsourcing, hosted software applications and utility computing services.

Globally, annual spending on IT services is reported to be more than $500 billion, with Forrester Research citing continued growth evident in infrastructure and applications outsourcing as well as offshore and project consulting. This growth has been driven by an increasing recognition that in a globalized economy, outsourcing can provide significant gains in efficiency, productivity, quality and revenue.

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