Remote Services Platform allows to solve more issues

Sogeti provides Remote Services Platform to a UK-based provider of clinical solutions.


Client has a distributed install base. They wanted to shift from reactive to proactive approach and minimize unplanned downtime. They also wanted to set up a Proactive support model remotely to diagnose and resolve product issues in order to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.


Sogeti did a Product requirement analysis, design specification and conceptualization. They developed a Remote Services Platform around ThingWorx. The machine data collected from the product was analyzed and processed and then sent to the Cloud. Sogeti also did data analytics and pattern mining on key product data for preventive  analysis.


The Remote Services Platform has connected the installed product base. The IOT platform will provide capabilities to view connected product status and data, run rules on the data and generate notifications. The remote access to the product has enabled screen sharing and easy file transfer. It has also helped in minimizing unplanned downtime by shifting from reactive to proactive approach. Due to remote support, high percentage of issues are resolved immediately thus improving uptime and customer satisfaction.

About the Client

The client is a leading provider of clinical solutions with products installed in hospitals and clinics globally for treating cancer and brain disorders.