"Together, we find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems."

For Daniel, it all started when he fell in love, back in his childhood room. Since then, that love has only grown. Creating new solution for old problems, and a drive to make the world better, together with his colleagues – one project at a time.

Use three words to describe yourself: Searching, Thinking, Stubborn.

Tell us a bit about your background: To create things is one of my first and greatest loves. A love that took its first stumbling steps in a small boy’s room, filled to the brim with colorful Lego pieces. A love in a small boy’s room where imagination was boundless and time didn’t seem to exist.

But it wasn’t until I first got my hands on a personal computer that creating in itself finally felt without boundries, and could match what otherwise just lived in my imagination. At a childhood friend’s house, I fell in love with a Commodore 64. When hide-and-seek was on the play-schedule I snuck away to steal some screen-time. What did it matter that I had the worst hiding place?

In the digital space, a fantastic community of like-minded people developed – those who shared a love of a form of expression made of bits and bytes. There was a feeling of togetherness for many of us, who otherwise didn’t feel like we fit in. And in that vein I have carried on as a consultant. I have shouldered the role of Architect, Designer, Project Manager, Strategist, and Developer.

My career at Sogeti: Sogeti is part of my DNA. I have spent the main part of my life as a career professional at Sogeti, where I have been given the opportunity to develop without limits. I started as an integration developer, which laid the foundation for, and was the springboard to my career as an architect. After that, it has been app development, design, project management, and web development.

Today, I have a combined role as an architect, developer, and digital strategist. It is a role that allows me to support and help our clients develop on their digital journey, while also giving me an opportunity to form our digital business at Sogeti. It is now actually the third time around that I am back at Sogeti. For me it is a family that attracts me back, again and again. 

What is a typical workday like for you? I park my bike somewhere suitable – most of the time. After that, I say good morning to the world’s greatest co-workers, brandishing a cup of coffee. There are usually many smiles and lots of laughter. After that, the day begins with thoughts and discussions about architecture, design or code. It’s not uncommon for the discussion to shortly thereafter move into a conference room where we start drawing up outlines on a whiteboard.

Together, we usually find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. It is like poetry. You know it when you see it. It is like a punch in the gut, followed by a sense of childlike delight. Getting to share a moment like that – client or colleague – is one of the greatest feeling there is. Then we do it all over again.

Why have you chosen to work at Sogeti? The fantastic people. There are so many in the company that share the same drive and passion for the craft. Colleagues and friends that I can share these moments of creation with. Together we share the feeling that we can change the world – change it for the better. We are imagineers. I love that.

We do it not least with a basis in values that are more than just words on paper – we believe in values like Entrepreneurial, Simplicity, and Honesty. We are an organization with brave leaders who dare challenge old and obsolete structures, fight for diversity, armed with more than clichés and empty promises.

On top of that we have the initiatives SogetiLabs and VINT, that have made me feel not just informed and knowledgeable, but also proud when I travel and meet clients and colleagues in the industry. We are truly a global company with a local touch.

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    Daniel Berg
    Digital Lead
    070-749 37 00
About Daniel

Name: Daniel Berg
Title: Digital Lead
Year of birth: 1980
Lives in: Råå, outside Helsingborg, Sweden
Family: Wife and son
Interests: App and web design, running, coding, spending time with wife and child

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