Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Sogeti AI offerings focus on the ways in which AI can drive top line growth, as well as take cost out.

Make a difference with AI - Production-ready AI

In our changing society, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to transform everything – how we work, how we live, how we communicate. We bring a real engineering focus to AI, working alongside your business to drive business value. Our global engagements are all organised into one of three clear phases:

AI Activate – Using Hackathons and fast prototyping, we arrive with the pre-built accelerators you need to solve large, complex business problems.
AI Transform – Our accelerators enable you to infuse AI into your existing business processes. Getting technology into production at speed.
AI Re-imagine – We work with you to create new business opportunities, finding the new Ubers in your industry.

A Different Partner

It’s more than bots, machine learning, or maths, our ethical, people-first approach means that every AI First engagement extends beyond just the technology to consider culture, process and data as well – proactively managing the effect of each new AI initiative on your workforce. This builds trust and transparency to ensure adoption and success.

Artificial Data Amplifier

Maker approach

Too many projects end up in the AI graveyard. It’s a big problem that’s stopping AI delivering immeasurable benefits to business and society. That’s why we’ve developed a production-ready AI approach. Hands on working with you to extend from a Proof of Concept, to working prototypes and on to continuous improvement/ production.

Geo-satellite Intelligence

Local Touch

Every day, we bring local insight to our client’s global challenges. We work in a city-centric model that understands the differences and knows what will work in a specific context for your organization.

Cognitive document processing

Ready to Scale

We work tightly with the wider Capgemini Group on AI – giving our clients access to the full range of services. From high level consulting, to the scale offered by our global Insights & data practice to the Industry experience you need.


What We Do Best

In a number of areas, our engineering focus has delivered new ways of looking at AI. We’re always at the forefront of how technology can deliver value – to businesses and to Society – in this space.

Working together

Winning the beetle battle

Spruce bark beetles are affecting the equivalent of 65,000 football fields of forests in Sweden and destroying $622M of wood. We are using satellite imaging, AI and machine learning based on Microsoft technologies to stop the spruce bark beetle in its tracks for Sveaskog, the largest forest owner in Sweden.

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Our experts are at the forefront of the newest trends in the sector and we’re leading on the latest issues. See more below:


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No matter what future industry trends throw at you, our AI experts can help you to revolutionise how your business utilizes the latest technology.

Mark Oost
Mark Oost
Global CTO Analytics & AI Services

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