Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 19/10/2021

19th of October 2021 - Winners of the 42th week : Redline, FormBook and NjRAT.

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Shining a Light on RedLine Stealer Malware

#Insikt Group released a report about #RedLine stealer malware. Advertised on various forums and #Telegram by the actor #REDGlade since February 2020, this #information stealer has been widely offered as a Malware-as-a-Service (#MaaS) with various optional functions or different subscription lengths. It has been promoted on "Best hack Forum" (#BHF) for the first time before an increase of its activities in March 2021 and has been constant since then. In June, a post on #Exploit forum named “#Raccoon vs #Redline vs #Smoke” where cybercriminals discussed about pro and cons of information stealers, stated that redline has interesting functions like the crypt service #Spectrum Crypt Service. The malware was praised by some actors who were ready to pay for a lifetime license or its source code. Redline service includes stolen #credentials or data from all #Chromium or #Mozilla Gecko based web browsers, a custom file grabber, #system information collection as well as a user-friendly configuration panel. As many mainstream software, a cracked version has been posted on #XSS Forum during August 2021 by the user @alfi1331.


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