Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 04/01/2022

4th of January 2022 - Winners of the 1st week : Redline, NjRAT and AsyncRAT.

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NjRAT (ID Mitre: S0385)

Crowdstrike Exposes AQUATIC PANDA in Possession of Log4Shell Exploit Tools During Hands-on Intrusion Attempt

Since the discovery of Log4Shell vulnerabilities (#CVE-2021-44228, #CVE-2021-45105) in December 2021, all cyber security teams are dealing with multiple threats starting with the exploitation of those ones. In this context, #Crowstrike Falcon OverWatch claims to have disrupted a recent malware campaign based on an early detect of the exploitation attempt through a vulnerable #Apache Tomcat process. The attacker tried to execute suspicious Linux commands before connect to an infrastructure managed by a poorly known threat actor dubbed #Aquatic Panda. Overwatch has observed through investigation that #Aquatic Panda tried to figure out after downloading several scripts from remote, then they tried to understand and harvested information about the server such as credentials, system or domain information.

#Aquatic Panda is a Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (#APT) with intelligence gathering and industrial espionage missions first spotted around May 2020. They heavily relied on Cobalt Strike as well as unique tools like a famous Cobalt Strike downloader, #FishMaster. They have been observed dropping #NjRAT, a remote access trojan (#RAT) which has information gathering or process/registry manipulation capabilities.


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