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If you need a working business prototype for a solution or technology, our Thinkubator will deliver it in just 6-9 weeks. Our Agile approach sits architects and developers beside your business.

Your ‘Minimum Lovable Product’... in just 9 weeks

Digital has changed everything. Whether a start-up or an established business, our clients know they need to bring new digital technologies to life as quickly as possible. Speed is of the essence as companies strive to get to market with new products and digital services ahead of the competition

Structured applied innovation with new technologies is crucial to stay ahead of competition and on the edge of market change. Our proven Thinkubator approach enables organizations to create business value fast with hot technologies such as AI, Chatbots, IoT and Blockchain.

Often, only a working prototype can get you to the value your business needs. Whether you are wrestling with a tricky business problem or the potential of the latest digital technologies, our Thinkubator gets you to a tangible product that the business can see, use and support in just 6-9 weeks.


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Using Thinkubator, we create your Minimum Lovable Product. Not focusing on technical feasibility alone, but on delivering business value with leading-edge technology and an appealing to the end-user through great design. We routinely do that on your own site, with your people working next to us.

It makes the complex simple, using our “Find it, Prove it, Build it” approach. And is scalable, as we keep your architecture in mind from the start.

The Thinkubator

Part of the AIE

Thinkubator sits with our powerful group offering called the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), with sites around the world. So wherever you are on your innovation journey, we’ve got the capability to support you.

The Thinkubator

Minimum Lovable Product

A PoC only addressing Technical feasibility without business value and in an poor UI will fail to get traction. We deliver great design, business value and the users’ most lovable features in an MLP. This secures buy in for your project.

The Thinkubator

Ecosystem Scan

What if you haven't picked a technology or business challenge? You need help with what’s out there. Our Ecosystem scan filters on a huge marketplace, to give you the recommendations you need.


Find it, prove it, build it

The Sogeti Thinkubator gets clients to a tangible product that the business can see, use and support in just 6-9 weeks. We accelerate the build with our technical building blocks in every major digital technology, from AI and Blockchain, to and AR/VR. We co-locate on client sites in Thinkubator workshops designed to accelerate business decision-making, solution design and end-user testing.



The Thinkubator


The Thinkubator


The Thinkubator

AI-Image Recognition

The Thinkubator

Intelligent Experiences

The Thinkubator

Extended Reality

The Thinkubator

Connected Products

The Thinkubator

Semantic Search

The Thinkubator


Low Code

Low Code

Artificial Data Amplifier

Artificial Data Amplifier


A Dutch health insurance company

Client challenge

The challenge was to create a Chatbot with a health insurance company in The Netherlands. How to create a chatbot who makes you smile and drive business ss value from advanced technology.

How we made value

Sogeti introduced chatbot technology at DSW using the Thinkubator approach, within 6 weeks we released the first Minimum Lovable Product of chatbot Nikki. Through innovating with artificial intelligence Natural Language Processing (NLP), Nikki, resolved customer queries faster and improved overall customer experience.

Sogeti impact

The Sogeti Thinkubator enables our clients to: focus on the value of the business in a specific context; avoid wasting time in making technology work; take advantage of existing technology platforms, and deliver a working business prototype fast.


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