DevOps is greater than Automation

DevOps is all the rage nowadays. Could it even be better than automation?

For me, DevOps is more than just automation or implementing certain tools.  Conceptually, DevOps is not just implementing Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Selenium, or writing unit tests in your language of choice.  DevOps is also not: agile specific, a prescriptive series of tasks and or tools to implement, a prescriptive methodology to be implemented.  DevOps is not having ‘deployments’ occurring every day.  DevOps is: a philosophy, a way of being, a way of operating, a goal that is never really achieved.  DevOps is ‘run-rinse-repeat’ methodology, or the standardization and repeatability of your processes.

When I did a quick search for ‘DevOps’ on Google, I got interesting search resultswith several advertisements for tools, along with the Wikipedia  article for DevOps.  I am going to choose to ignore the fact that the Wikipedia article  doesn’t do justice to my opinion of the DevOps philosophyand I feel it is somewhat short-sighted.  A quick perusal of the article, for the uninitiated, makes one think that if you implement an Agile development process, leverage the cloud, and introduce some tools, you are now ‘doing DevOps’.

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