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Flirting with Bots

Speaking of design we usually think about the wonderful front-ends your customers, and sometimes employees, love. We might also think of industrial design or even city shaping. Beautiful architecture.

These days we are so focused on the front-end; we might be tempted to forget the back-end. They say, beauty is what lies inside.

With multi-channel, or even better onmi-channel and cross-channel, companies try to reach out to the customers and design a rich pallet of interfaces shaped to match the size of the channel and fitting it’s character. Mix and match so to say. Customer journeys are shaped and constantly improved, front-ends online are brought in-line with the more modern App world. Beautiful designs are created for both user interface (UI) and -interaction with respect to the complete user experience, neatly spread over channels. Everything for the user, user-centric or People First as I like to call it.

With the recent wave of modern AI[...]

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Arnd Brugman
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