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How to measure value? – Part 1

When I wrote the blog ‘Measuring performance is an act of sabotage’, I did realise I should also give people a means to measure value. Even though I expect a Product Owner to know his or her business and Scrum does not give an answer on how to measure value because this is different for every business. In this series of blogs I will give you a few hands-on ways to measure value.

Value is not something that is singular. In fact, for everyone value can be something else. Quality time spent with your significant other can be way more valuable than spending more time at work to earn more money. For every company value is different as well.

Non-profit companies will not care about

profit (duh). For profit companies may, but sometimes they see more value in a growing market share. I should emphasise that offering customer satisfaction may go a long way in achieving long term success for a for-profit and service company.

I’ve worked in many different companies, some were government companies, railroad and airline companies, energy companies, non-profit and profit. All see value differently, yet many choose to work Agile to achieve goals they would not be able to achieve in the current ever changing market.

There are several ways you can measure value.[...]

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