Building skills with Azure certifications

I’ve worked on three client accounts since joining Sogeti three years ago and have continued to build my capabilities in Microsoft Azure through both hands-on experience and certification. I undertook the Azure Foundation certification, followed by the Administrator certification, both of which are self-learning environments.

In the Netherlands we also have a master-student approach, so I have been supported in my ongoing learning by an experienced mentor who is a senior cloud engineer. He has guided me and helped me attain DevOps certification.

Why do I keep studying? I want to take my career in new directions. I’m currently largely working in end-user support and want to do more cloud engineering. Being certified helps you get the sort of jobs you’re seeking and gives you a point of differentiation on your CV.

At a client level, my studies have given me more of a theoretical background that I can bring to engagements. I’m also looking to expand my programming capabilities by studying Python coding, and this too is something I can leverage on client engagements.

Overall, the opportunity to move into more of a cloud engineering role is what I’m hoping will be the outcome of my Azure certifications.


Richard Smit
Richard Smit
Cloud Support Engineer