Chatbots and Humans Working Together

Cognitive services like machine learning and chatbots can make humans and machines work better together by complementing each other. It’s about understanding that humans and machines are better at different things.

Humans are very good at handling unpredicted situations with their common sense, and machines are very good at making a lot of calculations and digging through vast amounts of data. So working together makes a lot of sense and can help create more value.

Chatbots are especially helpful in automating clearly scoped interactions that can be available anytime and for many people at the same time. Regarding the scope, it’s important not to try to make them able to answer any question, but instead be clear with what they understand. They can have excellent memory, and remember everything that you told them, like your personal info, your preferences, and your identity. If a chatbot knows your identity (and its confirmed that it’s really you), it should have access to everything about you, like your previous transactions, support tickets, and any upcoming reservations. With an appropriate sensitivity and respect for privacy, it could even be proactive with recommendations based on what it knows about you and other people. This require omnichannel services with deep integrations into backend systems and external services. [...]


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