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Defi H Series (Part 2): Handi’Blind to brighten up life for the visually impaired

In the second article of the series, we will discuss how the Handi’Blind device (developed by the team that won the Innovation Trophy at the Defi H Competition) will help the visually challenged people to overcome their impediment.

What inspired the creation?

There is a significant number of vision-related diseases and the number of people suffering from these diseases is increasing every day.

The project details

The Handi’Blind project aims to ease the movements of the visually impaired people in order to improve their autonomy, comfort and safety. The Handi’Blind glasses are based on the principle of stereovision that helps detect the presence of potential obstacles and warns the user of it, using a vibrating device linked to his / her forearm.

What is stereovision?

Stereovision or stereoscopic measure is a method to gauge and determine the dimensions, forms and positions of objects/obstacles by capturing/shooting their images from different angles. [...]


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