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Do you remember “Them”?

This dialogue is not intended to have a disturbing effect. And for some it is already “old news.” But some may have to read it twice to get what the humble author intends.

This dialogue stops only after a few “reminisces” but could have gone on and on. The challenge is to make up some yourself. Feel free to share comments below. As a person interested also in Arts, I was pondering how Samuel Becket might have written about technology knowing what we know today. This is my best shot. Of course, he would have written it much better… I am sure. We will perhaps never become extinct; but we might become a little outdated. How comforting (disturbing for some?)  to know that this conversation at least focuses on us. Yet it is not one “future kid” to another or older persons reminiscing about the past. It is perhaps two of our potential future “replacements” talking about their makers (“them”) in the past.

A: Do you remember when they used a keyboard to type words into our computer screens?
B: We do that with thought patterns now [...]


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