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Is it Possible and Advisable to Outsource all your Security?

I have worked with Cybersecurity for the last 18 years and have had the opportunity to see it grow from simple firewalls and anti-virus to the complex mechanism it is today.

Managing Cybersecurity fully is one of the most challenging tasks today. With a growing number of specialists, the need for security grows every day and with the cost of cybercrime rising to €400B annually, security has become one of the key factors to staying alive in the business. With the emergence of DDOS attacks using IoT devices, we are back to the mob placing a henchman in front of your business: pay up or your customers won’t be able to enter your store.

As most of you know, security professionals are in a short supply globally, even if there is a lot of training going on. Furthermore, the budget is limited and you need to make sure you get competence that covers as much as possible making the selection of employees narrow even further. Still, even if you find the perfect match and get to keep them, there are areas where you need to hire consultants making the cost rather high.

 That answers the first question I have: ‘Is it possible to outsource your security?[...]

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Is it Possible and Advisable to Outsource all your Security?

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