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How to Embrace Complexity

Lessons from Industrial Design for Enterprise Architects

People usually react in one of two ways to complex problems: either they come up with the universal all-inclusive solution that nobody is really happy with or they come up with very context-specific solutions that are not scalable. Says Wouter Kersten, industrial design researcher at TU Delft, at the DYA-day 2017.

On March 10 I hosted the DYA-day 2017. The greatest thing about organizing this annual Sogeti event for architects in the Netherlands is that the search for speakers always makes me meet interesting people. Such as Wouter Kersten. I first became aware of Wouter when colleague Ton Eusterbrock sent me a working paper named Context Variation by Design, of which Wouter was the first author. A paper well worth reading. [...]


To read the whole post and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: How to Embrace Complexity: Lessons from Industrial Design for Enterprise Architects

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