Learning from our IoT Proof of Concept – Part 1

We recently talked to a client about measuring environmental conditions across a large remote area. The client had been struggling with this problem for quite a while...

The client is closely aligned with the mining industry and stockpile material to dry over a number of years, once the material has been removed from the ground.  They needed to monitor the drying material for a number of different reasons, which include Health and Safety, Efficiency and Cost savings, among other reasons.  Once hearing the problem, we instantly thought about building an IoT device.

At Sogeti, we have a huge amount of expertise globally in IoT development, for many industries, including Auto, Electronics, Aviation, and Mining.  But to understand the problem (and potential solution) better, we decided to build our own device, end to end, to demo to the client.  I think it is fair to say that we did not realize a number of things we would have to learn.  We have skills in Coding, Electronics, Analytics, and IoT, in abundance.  But combining the skills required for IoT development brings many different skill sets together, which normally don’t work together.

We have documented the experience in a number of blogs, which you can hopefully learn from.  We will also tell you a little about the resources we used to highlight what you might need to do the same. [...]


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