Microsoft Branch Revolution

Achieving some Windows 10 migrations, Sogeti Luxembourg is glad to announce its customers it tastes like a piece of cake (compared to Windows7 ghost train). Sounds good to you? Sorry to inform that your Yepaaaa! won’t last. The reason? Microsoft Branch Revolution.

Some months ago, I shared with you 3 things to keep in mind for enterprises about Windows 10 migrations. And even if this new OS brings a myriad of new features, it remains a Workplace project with it’s so classical concerns: mobility, security, ergonomic and collaboration.

Remember Windows 10 will be your last real & global migration project. Microsoft introduced a new concept: Upgrades.
From now, Microsoft pushes new features on a regular basis.

Don’t be mistaken by Updates which remain
(the 2nd Tuesday of each month)
and fix bugs and security vulnerabilities.

 After a global survey, Microsoft went through 42% of its customers’ strongest request: no more bid deployment. So, they created a new Upgrade program.[...]

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