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RoBIoTICS – The New Promised Land of Convergence – Part III

RoBIo-Tics – The ethics challenge

Hi there! In my previous two posts, I spoke at length about the convergence between robotics-and-biology and robotics-and-the-Internet of Things. In the concluding post of this series, I take a close look at the ethics and challenges surrounding robotics.


Robots could rapidly be part of our everyday’s life. But this “invasion” of robots in our lives faces some conflicts with some parts of society. Even if most robots are seen as friendly, there are detractors that have hostile reactions towards robots. A part of this hostility stems from the mis-conceptions that robots are created to participate in social interactions with humans, despite being aliens, or mechanical entities.


To overcome this hostility, researchers are working on humanizing robots that are able to mimic human gestural, affective, or linguistic behaviors. This new generation of robots breaks the boundaries of human life and are considered a part of the society. [...]


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