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Service Contracts Over Technology Standards

To begin with, some 25 years ago, and for a long time, IT architecture was about standardization on technology. It was a craft that began with business principles, moved through contextual, conceptual, logical, and ended with a physical architecture of standards, technologies, products and services. It worked, and it was very nice, because you got traceability all the way from the business requirements to the actual servers that delivered them.

During my 30+ year career, I have been involved in many such initiatives, and they were very satisfying because they often achieved something that is still rare in our industry — a concrete connection between the business and the technology. However, one problem was that it took some time to get everything into place, and we’re talking about months and sometimes years. Another problem was that when we were done, many things had changed, and it was a challenge to keep the architecture up-to-date with the need for constant adjustments. I realized that we needed another approach, something simpler, something agile. [...]


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