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Shadow IT: A Digital Transformation Incubator

Shadow IT, defined as the use of IT systems, solutions and services inside organizations without explicit organizational approval, has always been seen as a problem and a huge risk for the enterprise.

But what if I tell you that you should learn from Shadow IT and use it on your advantage instead of fighting it and suppressing it?

You can all agree with me on the fact that Cloud computing is changing the world. It’s disrupting and changing the way we work and it’s empowering those who see IT, Ops or any other “silo” as a roadblock to innovation and speed.

I’ve seen teams inside organizations adopting the Cloud to avoid those roadblocks and with a clear mindset to embrace a modern agile DevOps practice. Some of these teams are able to release software up to 8 or 10 times faster than before, a speed and agility that is not only used to satisfy the usual business demands but to also innovate and come forward with experiments and solutions with real transformational power.[...]

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Shadow IT: A Digital Transformation Incubator

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