Sogeti Innovation Accelerator 2017

The Sogeti Innovation Accelerator 2017 is a global program of inspiration, imagination and innovation bringing together a passionate community of technologists and practitioners from around the world to design and create novel IoT-based, mixed reality experiences and intelligent systems that can deliver real-world impact and market value.

The Innovation Accelerator is the IoT Hackathon re-imagined, taking the best elements from the highly successful program last year and adding new accelerator services to enhance the experience for participants.

Innovation Accelerator 2017 Design Themes

Innovation Accelerator participants will be guided through Design Thinking creative spaces to innovate on the following major themes:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Energy Grids
  • Connected Health
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Immersive Retail
  • Connected Transportation

Using human-centered design thinking, participants will learn and apply highly effective design techniques to develop breakthrough concepts that transform into catalysts for disruptive business models thru advanced prototyping creative flows. Accelerator teams will leverage the Internet of Things as a ubiquitous computing ecosystem in which intelligent systems and immersive experiences can be designed, developed and deployed to advance a future, better world centered on these themes. [...]


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