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Staying a True Mud Master

Often I hear colleagues or co-workers talk about Agile transitions and the impediments that certain scrum teams encounter.

For instance, the team struggles with how to plan and execute the non-functional testing for the next sprint in the retrospective session (as part of the sprint review). Later in that same session, the team has a discussion how to cope with the fact that the business keeps changing the scope in the middle of the sprint. ‘How can we keep the scope fixed’ they wonder.

What intrigues me is that some of these colleagues/co-workers have a very theoretical view and approach these challenges almost as if they are out of the mud for too long. They write great literature and are experienced lecturers but when was the last time you were actually part of a scrum team (as an Agile coach at the minimum level of involvement). These colleagues have not been part of the vanguard of an agile, scrum or DevOps team at all. How committed does that make you to the actual engineers in the field, do you know their daily struggle, their real impediments as outlined in the first paragraph? Can you still identify with them, based on recent experience rather than theory?

This got me thinking[...]

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