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Testing with Self-learning and Self-exploring Testing Tools

In what way will machine intelligence assist us as testers in the future? While we were discussing this matter for a while, we thought of the concept of self-learning and self-exploring testing tools. Below we sketch our ideas. And at the end of this article we call for you to explore this matter further with us!

Testing Tools of today are mainly to take over the (often boring) job of test execution

Test Automation usually automates test cases that have been previously compiled manually by the testers. These test cases have predefined expected outcomes. The tool verifies that the actual outcome matches the expected outcome. The test cases selected, aim to achieve a certain level of coverage of all possibilities. Changing the test object also means adjusting the test cases in the tool.

The world of testing is now about to apply new, other types of automated testing tools. Tools that do not need to get instructions in advance, but independently explore an information system. [...]


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