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The Three 'A's'

The new version of the World Quality Report is out and I’ve been having a careful read-through of the contents to see what I can expect over the next year or so in testing and assurance.

I was reading the analysis by Gary Moore, VP Sogeti UK, on the UK market and found myself agreeing with his comments on the signs of maturity in the UK’s Testing and QA market, and that there is still a need for clear leadership and strategy to help that maturity become part of the cultural DNA.

How do we do that?

Well having a clear a clear budget is key. But then you need to understand the tools and how they bring optimisation to the process while reducing the risk and increasing the quality. But just as important is having an infrastructure and environments to support testing, dev elopement and operations. A clear strategy brings it all together and smooths out the edges in delivery. That means better results for the organisation and a better deal for the end users and customers.

There was one thing that was very clear to me.

Devops has softened the boundaries between roles, but so many of the metrics we are using as an industry to report on the work done still come from the era of waterfall projects. Quality is everyone’s responsibility, not just the test teams. How do we report on all the things that have been done – and still need to be done in a way that is truly agile and efficient?

What sort of metrics do we need?

There’s not one answer. There’s not even a dozen answers. We need to try (and fail fast, learn fast) at trying new ways to report on the information. Focusing on the work done, not who did it, on what is good and what is a risk. Do I know what all those metrics are? No.

 But I know where they are coming from and that’s the Three-As. Analytics, AI and Automation. Download the WQR and see what the trends are in those three topics and see how they can support you, your business and your customers. 



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