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Understanding the Customer

I have always been a keen believer in interdisciplinary research and cross-over solutions. It is clear that combining the perspectives and insights of various specializations leads to better results than each discipline can achieve on its own. That’s why I am very excited about a research project that I am in the process of launching.

The goal of that research is to provide customers with a better experience by increasing the quality of the customer journey. To improve the customer journey, both insight into the progress of the actual customer journey and knowledge of the way the customer experiences the journey is required. Insight into the customer journey can nowadays be based on the registration of digital interactions, such a emails, tweets, chat sessions, app usage and website visits. Modern business intelligence techniques can derive a lot of information from these sources, but they do not regard the complete customer journey as a whole. As for the customer experience, this is usually retrieved by asking the customer directly, like with the net promoter score (NPS). However, this is not very trustworthy. Besides, customers like me are getting fed up by constantly being asked to complete a survey, however, brief it may be. Thus, both with regard to the course of the customer journey and with regard to the customer experience there is a need for better measurement instruments with more predictive power. In the past decennia, a number of research technologies and methods have been developed that offer parts of the solution. However, the full picture still eludes us[...]

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