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What does your social media feed look like?

It’s no secret that Facebook and other social media platforms are filtering what their users can see.

First of all the reason is that they are working with A LOT of data and pinpointing the feeds to certain sources feels relevant. Usually if you are connecting to the person somehow, their posts appear on your feed. (Try it out yourself: befriend someone in Facebook and notice how most of their recent posts appear on your wall.)

Second of all it’s all about money: the ones who are willing to pay for exposure are getting their messages seen more frequently. We’re not running a charity here: the users of social media pay either with their money or their data.

The algorithms that are run in the different systems try hard to recognize the patterns you are working with. It’s the same with Netflix or Amazon: people like you liked this thing and they also ordered this other product. It’s efficient and usually it also hits the nail on the head: even if you don’t find something that you thoroughly enjoy, you are seldom disappointed. [...]


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Michael Feith
Michael Feith
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