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Why Is It Important to Understand How Blockchain Works?

Do you understand the inner workings of the internet? I don’t. But: I do know what you can do with it.

And what you can do with blockchain technology is the simplest concept ever to grasp. So let go of trying to understand the inner complexity for a couple of minutes and read on!

Let me start with a personal (and very analogue) anecdote: A couple of years ago, I was on Gili Air, a small island in Indonesia near Lombok. In most places, you can only pay by cash. One evening, I visited both ATM’s on the island, and found them empty. While walking back to my hotel I saw a small boat nearing the beach. There is no harbor or jetty on the island. The way to get there is to beach your boat, roll up your pants, jump out and wade through the surf. I saw two guys in dark blue uniforms with two black suitcases each do just that. They were unarmed and totally at ease. I waited for them to fill up the machine, got out some money and went for dinner.



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Joleen van der Zwan
Joleen van der Zwan
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