Will Apple be mobilizing VR/AR?

Every single wave of VR/AR innovation and products has come only a small step closer to real mass adoption. Will the latest wave of self-contained mobile VR/AR (short history below), finally, provide the long-awaited breakthrough?

Big players such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have already, publicly, entered the ‘arena.’ It seems the biggest tech company is missing in an alternate reality…

BIG players competition

Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all well aware of the possibilities and see a huge market for AR/VR. They are not about to miss the opportunity and are positioning their solutions for a big chunk of the pie. While Google is ‘jumping in’ with rich experiences accessible via YouTube and overlaying information with the temporarily-discontinued Glass, Facebook positions VR/AR as the next logical step after sharing text, photos and videos as sharing entire experiences and adventures. [...]


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