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Will Salesforce Make IoT More Accessible?

We’ve been hearing about machine learning and IOT for quite some time but with all the complexities and high-costs it has simply been out-of-reach for many companies. Salesforce is hoping to change that. Their goal is to provide easy and powerful tools to make IoT possible for every organization.

Earlier this month, I was able to watch the keynote for the Salesforce Developer Conference held in San Francisco, Salesforce excited and motivated developers to start building around their IoT cloud powered by the Thunder event processing engine.

The highlight of the keynote was a demo of what the future will look like for home buying. In the mock presentation the buyer visited to look for a home–pretty typical stuff. Where it got exciting, was when the system looked at the buyer’s Pinterest page to see what styles and types of homes she preferred. In other words, a machine was able to quickly determine her needs based on a third party images and non-structured data. In the past this would require a 20-30 minute conversation to get to the heart of her likes and dislikes.

Speaking of conversations,[...]


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