IoTMap: Testing in a IoT environment

IoTMap: Testing in an IoT environment

Authors: Tom van de Ven, Jean-Paul Duniau and Jaap Bloem

This is a new book in the TMap suite. Together with the website it is the innovative next step, building on the existing TMap® knowledge. 

The book “IoTMap; Testing in a IoT environment” dives into the complete scope of securing the quality of IoT solutions including connectivity , scalability , end to end functions , security and the entire testing scope.

A 5 step approach

The new book describes the IoTMap testing approach that includes five concrete steps. These five steps to create a testing strategy for Internet of Things solutions are; testing IoT layers, combining testing expertise, choosing IoT test environments, selecting the right quality attributes and deciding on building blocks.

New implications

The differences between traditional and IoT testing have multiple implications for companies.

“Different from traditional software development and testing, testing Internet of Things solutions have a much broader and complex scope. A variety of testing expertise is necessary. At the same time it is more than ever a challenge to define the scope of testing; either what to test or not,” commented Tom van de Ven, and continued:

“Testing everything is no longer any option related to costs. Moreover, implementing different testing expertise creates the risk for overlap. Similar double actions have to be avoided. So effective co-operation among different disciplines and close engagement of end users during the development of Internet of Things solutions are important conditions for success.”

Sogeti High Tech and Testing experts Tom van de Ven and Jean-Paul Duniau together with SogetiLabs trend watcher Jaap Bloem are the authors behind this new IoT testing book. This book can be ordered and downloaded in the Sogeti online bookstore:

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