techflix 2 Series 2 Episode 1

Cloud uneconomic – Are you really getting value from your move to cloud?

80% of cloud users say cost management is the main challenge with their move to cloud. What’s going wrong? After all, cloud offers the promise of flexibility, decisiveness and, of course, cost reduction. What’s needed is a better way to optimize your cloud platform and consumption.

Techflix 2 Series 2 Episode 1

Episode: Cloud uneconomic – Are you really getting value from your move to cloud?

Length: 43 min



According to the RightScale research report ‘State of the Cloud’, spending on cloud is increasing for ~59% of organizations, while 70% of organizations fail to get the expected value.

Clearly, many cloud adopters are struggling with their Cloud Economics. This is not simply a fancy term for cost reduction. It’s everything related to the financial aspects of cloud. Not just what you’re spending today on your cloud services but also about setting up a framework for cloud cost management. It is even more critical within the context of Digital Transformation and Climate change.

This episode will ask:

  • How do you avoid wasting money, resources, and energy due to a lack of control over your cloud consumption – and what’s causing this failure?
  • Why simply shifting your legacy apps to the cloud won’t deliver the value you’re looking for – and could impact your environmental stance with over usage?
  • How do you get your software developers, administrators, and testers to understand the costs involved in the development of new functionality?
  • What is the role of automation in the deployment of applications into production?



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
Joost van der Vlies
Joost van der Vlies
Head of Architecture and CTO, PostNL
Frederic Cruchet
Frederic Cruchet
VP & Global Head of Cloud Services, Sogeti
Jayanto Mukherjee
Jayanto Mukherjee
VP & Head of Cloud Delivery, Sogeti

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