Techflix 2 Series 3 Episode 2 on demand

In pursuit of quality – Accelerating towards disaster? Why you need quality

You want to release software faster and with greater frequency than ever before. DevOps has become the enterprise standard for using agile to achieve this ambition. But it will only happen with carefully orchestrated Quality Assurance across all your DevOps teams – along with the right balance between accountability and autonomy.

Techflix 2 Series 3 Episode 2

Episode: In pursuit of quality – Accelerating towards disaster? Why you need quality

Length: 46 min



Speed-to-market with new ideas, innovations and highly available customer services is a tangible outcome of an agile DevOps approach. However, balancing this speed with quality is often a challenge in cross-functional DevOps teams. Too many enterprises risk jeopardizing quality of releases in favor of speed.

Quality is clearly now everyone’s responsibility, but who is accountable? The lines have blurred between teams when it comes to quality across the organization, execution, validation, and testing activities.

The reality is that without proper enablement and some guidance, teams often fail to implement continuous testing with adequate risk coverage in their continuous development and continuous integration (CI/CD) process. The result? Business performance and business outcomes are put at risk.

This episode will provide practical answers to key questions:

  • How can autonomous operating teams achieve a consistent, reliable and transparent levels of quality, without creating barriers?
  • How do you avoid failures in production that impact customer experience and business performance?
  • How do you ensure your teams are happy, sufficiently supported, and able to set up adequate agile testing and validation?
  • What does it take to achieve agile QA orchestration?



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
Reindrich Geerman
Reindrich Geerman
Digital Architect, KPN Telecom
Mark Buenen
Mark Buenen
Global leader Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti

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