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Cloud Native & DevOps: How to accelerate in the new normal?

Reinventing for the new normal with cloud

Episode: Cloud Native & DevOps: How to accelerate in the new normal?

Length: 45 min (30 min presentation, 15 min Q&A)

Whether your a consumer or business facing organization COVID -19 has put pressure on many organizations to reinvent their existing platforms or business models to adapt to the new market conditions. More than ever, organizations require solutions that are scalable and agile enough to answer employee, customer and business demands. They have to analyze, select and implement best scenarios to reinvent and build fast new business capabilities.

How can you experiment faster and bring new business value at scale? In this webinar our cloud experts will discuss how to set up the foundation for cloud native development, enabling organizations to focus their teams on the creation of true business value. Some of the areas covered will be:

• How to build DevSecOps practice leveraging our DevSecOps Adoption Framework
• Adapting your Target Operating Model to apply DevSecOps at scale with Site Reliability Engineering practices
• Accelerating your cloud native development by defining logical cloud native architectures and cloud landing zones standardized and optimized, compliant with a reference architecture, security and quality policies



Our experts:

Frederic Cruchet
Frederic Cruchet
Global Head of Cloud Services
Pierre-Olivier Patin
Pierre-Olivier Patin
VP Global CTO Applications & Cloud Technologies
Jayanto Mukherjee
Jayanto Mukherjee
Vice President, Sogeti OneDeliver Cloud Transformation Leader

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