Webinar: Connected Products

How to win in the new world of IoT and connected products

Join the connected products revolution to deliver more value to your business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now the norm, not the exception. How can you ensure your business delivers real value from its investment in IoT – and the connected products and services it enables?

Connected products represent a huge opportunity for product manufacturers and service providers. Yet currently only a small number of digital pioneers are seizing the opportunity to truly deliver value from their investments in IoT.

Watch our webcast to hear how Sogeti clients, Husqvarna and Nortek Security and Control are transforming their business offerings with intelligent automation.

Creating happiness through digital innovation

The market for artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to grow to $36 billion in the next five years. That’s a lot of connected products and services with embedded intelligence. Watch our webcast to discover how Sogeti believes this can be turned into significant value and happiness to end customers.

Hear from: 


Mayank Saxena

Chief SW Architect, Nortek Security & Control

Ulf Axelsson

Director of Digital Business Architect, Husqvarna


Sandeep Sachdeva

Vice President, Global Head of Analytics and Cognitive Services, Sogeti


Sharing best practice – learn about:

  • Husqvarna’s strategy and tips for deriving value from connected products
  • Nortek Security and Control’s framework to move from connected products to a cognitive enterprise
  • Sogeti’s ability to create new business models from connected products that will delight your customers


Drive value from connected products