"WayFI" - A smart building navigation experience

Sogeti USA Completes 2nd Annual Company Hackathon with Winners Creating a Solution to Help Consumers Locate a Specific Destination Within a Building

Dayton, Ohio, January 9, 2018Sogeti USA*, a leader in technology and engineering services, today announced details of the winning projects from its Innovation Accelerator 2017 hackathon. This is the second year Sogeti has hosted this event, encouraging employees around the world to work in teams to develop an innovative solution that solves a real-world problem.

This year's first place title was awarded to Team Columbus for their "WayFI" solution, which utilizes Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, Unity Engine for augmented reality and Bluetooth Beacon integration to provide a smart building navigation experience to make it easier and faster to find a destination, product or service within an architecture space.

The "WayFI" solution creates a mesh network with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that transmit and receive location data from mobile devices, providing a pathway to a destination through multi-sensory channels, including augmented reality overlays, audio cues and haptic feedback.  This solution offers many innovation possibilities in Smart Building and Smart City projects, seeking to enhance the mobile experience for tenants and citizens. 

The Innovation Accelerator 2017 saw more than 120 participants from 8 time zones, each developing unique and innovative ideas in the competition. The competing teams were able to build an IoT application on their choice of platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT and the Google Cloud Platform.

“This year’s hackathon saw incredibly innovative solutions developed using some of the top platforms and technologies available today,” said Bhavik Rao, leader of Sogeti USA’s Technology for Digital Services practice. “We are grateful for the rich ecosystem of alliance partners that contributed to the event, allowing our teams to prove that the future of connected things lies in a collaborative future grounded in the spirit of partnership.”

Microsoft Azure was used to develop two of the top three winning solutions, AWS IoT platform was used to develop the third, and Microsoft's Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin mobile application development platform, supported mobile interfaces to two of the winning solutions. 

“We’re proud to be a part of Sogeti’s Innovation Accelerator hackathon,” said Casey McGee, VP US Partner Development at Microsoft.  “The event is a great example of the unique innovation and impact that happens when creative problem-solving meets today’s latest technologies.”  

This year's second and third place titles went to the following solutions:

  • DCXMobileIndia “Retail Service Bot"—a solution that uses AWS IoT, Echo AlexaTM platform and Xamarin to give a consumer guidance on his/her desired product by interacting with a virtual assistant using natural language processing via an Alexa device.  The user’s mobile device receives location details of the item and helps them locate it via 3D indoor map visualization feature of the Xamarin mobile application.
  • DSM “Smart Dashcam”—a real-time image processing solution powered by Azure IoT services and Azure Machine Learning, collects data via onboard Raspberry PI and dashcam to analyze the severity of road conditions in different kinds of weather.  The machine learning algorithms provide ratings for the images which are then visualized using geospatial mapping.

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