A QA vision within SAFe

A QA vision within SAFe®

Discover the value of embedding quality engineering in the software and systems life-cycle

More and more organizations feel the need to implement their Agile method ‘@scale’. Various models/frameworks are available for this, of which the Scaled Agile Framework (known as SAFe®) is by far the most used. Although Quality Assurance (QA) is mentioned within SAFe®, for example organizing the production process, it is not elaborated in detail. That makes sense, since every SAFe® implementation is unique.

This document maps our own vision on quality in Agile with the QA components in SAFe®, and extracts key descriptors, characteristics and questions from the wealth of SAFe® documentation to make it easier to find the links between the two.

About the author
Marc Roekens is a senior Agile Quality Coach at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He is a SAFe® Program Consultant with 20 years’ experience in testing and Quality Assurance.