TechnoVision 2020: Simplify

TechnoVision 2020: Simplify

Welcome to TechnoVision 2020: Your guide to technology trends in business.

Digital technology gives everyone involved in running modern businesses an opportunity to change their organizations for the better. But with so much technology and so many options, where should you direct your attention?

TechnoVision 2020, our specialist source of technology guidance equips enterprises with a route map around digital technology trends and innovations affecting your organization both today and tomorrow.

Technovision 2020

Use TechnoVision 2020 to create a simple strategy for digital success and become a change-maker in your own organization.

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This year’s TechnoVision theme is Simplify. Simplification is a crucial business tactic in a complex digital world. New emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, Internet of Things and advanced analytics often cause panic when they should in fact be creating excitement.

So, how can businesses make the most of future technology trends and the complex digital world within which we all live and work?

We believe the answer to this complexity is simplicity. TechnoVision shows how the right consideration, selection, and application of new technologies can simplify any business.

Technology trends 2020: Applying change-making expertise in your own business

Whatever your sector of operation, and whatever your role within that organization, technology touches all our working lives. All executives now understand that technology can deliver positive outcomes for business and society.

TechnoVision 2020 is your go-to guide for change. It provides a simple but effective way for all business and technology leaders to acquire the knowledge they need. It collects and filters the expert change-making knowledge within Capgemini and generates simple answers to the most complex questions around future technology trends.


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