The cloud automation advantage

The automation advantage

Stepping on the accelerator. How can The Fast Movers’ automation advantage translate into superior operational performance.

Welcome to the cloud automation advantage report - Making legacy IT keep pace with the cloud.

We surveyed IT leaders from over 400 Enterprises on the journey to CI/CD automation and enterprise DevOps. The leaders are using their agility to achieve a first-mover advantage. To remain competitive, established enterprises can automate their legacy technologies and IT operations processes to keep pace with the cloud.

Some of the key findings from the report:

  • 80% of Fast Movers report their organization’s agility has improved
  • 86% of Fast Movers say that their customer experience has benefitted
  • 59% of Fast Movers have been able to re-deploy skilled engineers onto higher-value projects

The automation of IT operations serves far more than just IT objectives; companies now see it as critical to the success of their business. “If we don’t spend time on automation today, we may be out of business in five years,” says Johan Esbjörner, Product Owner and Technical Lead for the Cloud Center of Excellence at Husqvarna, a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products. “We’ll be too expensive and our time to market will be too long.”

Application automation maturity survey

How does your organization stack up? Evaluate your application automation maturity, and get tips for moving forward. 


For the full findings, case studies and recommendations on how your organization can reap the benefits of their automation advantage, download the report.

The Cloud Automation Advantage report

Paul Saunders
Global Marketing & Communications Director
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